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About Me

My Beginnings

I was proudly born and raised on Long Island, New York! Just a stone's throw away from the city, my parents took me to see Broadway shows all the time. I first fell in love with theatre when I was cast as a workhouse orphan in Oliver at school. I didn't get Oliver, because according to the producer I was too "healthy looking."

My Middles

I graduated from Hofstra University holding a BFA in Theatre Arts. With Shakespeare under my belt and my Long Island accent under control, I was ready to take on the world! I worked extensively in regional houses, internationally in Italy and Spain, and all over New York City. I even starred in a children's video series, Drew's Famous Magical Jukebox, for which I can be openly mocked to this day! 

My Life Today

I appeared in the original Off-Broadway Cast (and original Off-Broadway Cast recordings) of The Prince and the Pauper at the historic Lamb's Theatre in the heart of Times Square, and Bunnicula (based on the children's books) at the Daryl Roth Theatre. Not long after, I made my Broadway debut in Finding Neverland, playing the roles of Mr. Cromer and Mr. Henshaw on and off for over a year. I eventually took over the role of Mr. Cromer and was part of the final company. Three weeks later, I joined the National Tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway mega-hit, The Phantom of the Opera. 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

—Walt Disney




Carlotta’s meek husband, Alain Cholet, is given a droll and often hilarious turn by Robert Anthony Jones.

 —New York Times

Finding Neverland 

The whole cast is delightful.  Who says you have to have a major role to shine.  Jonathan Ritter and Robert Anthony Jones do just that...they are fantastic.

 —Theatre Chit Chat

The 101 Dalmatians Musical

Other standouts were the actors who played Jasper (Michael Thomas Holmes) and Jinx (Robert Anthony Jones). True scene stealers with their criminal antics and goofiness. They really stopped the show with their second act number "Having the Crime of our Lives."

 —Broadway World 

Cruella's two henchmen, Jasper and Jinx (Michael Thomas Holmes and Robert Anthony Jones) danced and sung their way into everyone's hearts with "Having the Crime of Our Lives," a charming Marx Brothers inspired turn.
The Times Weekly

La Cage Aux Folles

The chemistry between McGowan and Jones in and of itself feels genuine and palpable...Mr. Jones' "ZaZa" is a powder keg of sassy ferocity - a real winner! Aside from his cheeky demeanor and occasional interjections with the audience, the price of admission is viscerally realized with his show-stopping performance of "I Am What I Am."

Broadway World

Sweeney Todd 

They are aided by a talented supporting cast...Robert Anthony Jones, as Beadle Bamford, the judge’s sidekick, shows the banality of officious evil.

 —New York Times 


The Music Man

Robert Anthony Jones proves to be a raucous song-and-dance man.
Salt Lake Tribune


(Jones) was a comic tornado as Pseudolous in Forum, but here it's his bombastic chin-up nobility that carries the day. He's like Richard Burton doing Shakespeare on a nonexistent horse. Jones knows the secret — that the more seriously you can appear to the silliest of proceedings, the funnier they are for everybody. 

 —Odin's Ravens 


The only characters who really matter are Chester, a cat (Prescott Seymour) who hates change, Harold (Robert Anthony Jones), a dog who’s insecure, and Bunnicula, a mysterious new pet who may or may not be a tomato-draining veggie vampire. The latter is a puppet, and the first two are adorable — and, being adorable, are duly presented with a solidly composed best-friends song, which they sing the hell out of.


Bunnicula is quirky and laugh out loud funny...the back and forth between Robert Anthony Jones as Harold and Prescott Seymour as Chester is perfect; the dynamic is plain to hear...Robert Anthony Jones is perfect in the leading role.

 —Broadway World 

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

In what is probably the most demanding role, Robert Anthony Jones is hilarious as William Barfee. Jones is right on target in capturing his character's tics and insecurities. Jones demonstrates a real knack for physical comedy when his character uses his "magic foot" to spell out his words as he dances across the stage.

 —Union Democrat 


The Producers

Robert Anthony Jones is pitch perfect as Bialystock. His comic delivery is sly and spot on. He's able to make the most of Bialystock's sleaze-bag qualities, while still infusing the character with tons of likability. 

 —The Dominion Post 


But through all this musical furor, it's Robert Anthony Jones who nearly steals the show in a simple song delivered by himself in dead center stage. As Amos, the poor, forgotten, pudgy husband of Roxie, Jones layers emotional depth into his tale of woe in Mister Cellophane. His resonant performance is magic and anchors the cynical music with its only touch of sincerity. 

 —Florida Today

Jones' woebegone delivery has echoes of Nathan Lane and he gives the second act a lift with a powerhouse rendition of Mister Cellophane.

 —Palm Beach Post 

Man of La Mancha

He is well paired with roly-poly Robert Anthony Jones as Quixote’s pragmatic manservant Sancho Panza, who earns the laughs built into the role without having to resort to Borscht Belt cadences.

 —Palm Beach Post

Jones, this production’s answer to Nathan Lane, gets great mileage out of “I Really Like Him,” musically polished and funny as all get-out. In fact, he could steal the show if he wanted to, so neat is his timing and expressive his puss.

 —Daily Gazette

The show’s true stand out is Robert Anthony Jones, Sancho Panza. His comic timing is genius. Mr. Jones is an actor who inhabits his role with such skill it’s almost impossible not to believe him. His Sancho Panza is at once as addled as Quixote and at times so endearing, that the audience understands why he follows Quixote so blindly.

 —Broadway Bullet


Here's Edna in Hairspray doing a little You're Timeless To Me!

And this is a song that is near and dear to my heart, Bring Him Home

This my performance of Times Like This at Feinstein's/54 Below for the PETQUITY DEPUTIES: A BENEFIT FOR BIDEAWEE!

Below is a performance near and dear to my heart. From La Cage Aux Folles, this is Zsa Zsa and I Am What I Am

So what's next?!

Happy Holidays! 

Very excited to return to Shadowland Stages for It's A Wonderful Life:  Live Radio Play! I'll be playing Harry Haywood. Performances start December 6th and runs until December 22nd! For more info please visit Hope to see you there!!!